NAET, (Nambudripad’s Allergy EliminationTechnique)
Is a totally new way of treating allergies and has its roots in Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Dr. Devi Nambudripad developed this technique after years of food allergies and while she was studying acupuncture. She discovered that a person who was stimulated in certain acupuncture points when in the presence of the allergen could be cleared of the allergy after a 25 hour avoidance time. Dr. Devi has now been refining and teaching this technique for over 20 years and it is now practiced worldwide.

The definition of ‘allergen’ in this technique is: anything that the body feels it needs to defend against. This can be due to a physical allergy such as poison ivy, a chemical allergy (ie: lactose intolerance) or an emotional allergy (ie: when the parents were yelling, the child was eating a banana).

Diagnosis of these allergies is by kinesiology, or muscle testing; a technique developed by Dr. George Goodhart. Here, the patient places a glass vial in his or her hand and Dr. Ford tests the arm muscle of the other arm. If this is not possible, as in the case of the elderly, babies or injured, Dr. Ford uses herself as a surrogate and the patient simply needs to place their hand on her arm. After the allergen is identified, certain acupuncture and chiropractic points along the spine are stimulated by her thumbs. Then points on the arms and legs are stimulated with a small hand held massager and the patient is asked to relax for 15 minutes. After the 25 hour avoidance period, they are rechecked.

If you are interested in more information about this technique, you can log on to Dr. Devi’s web site

​Dear Dr. Ford:

I wanted to thank you for the NAET treatments. For years I have had terrible headaches whenever I would anything with sulfites in it. A friend told me about NAET, and while I found it hard to believe that this would work, I figured that I had nothing to lose and decided to try it. Much to my pleasant surprise, it worked! I no longer have to read every food product label as carefully as before, my friends no longer have to worry about what to serve when we are invited to their homes for meals, and I can even enjoy a glass of wine occasionally-something I have not done for years! An unexpected side benefit was that my blood pressure dropped to well within normal range. All of this without pills or invasive techniques. How special.


Dear Dr. Ford:

What can I say? "Thank you" sounds inadequate, and yet thankful I am. SO thankful! After suffering miserably with allergies to just about everything for the better part o 2016, in December, I finally called your office and spoke to Janet. Lovely, kind, patient Janet. Such careless disregard on my part putting off he call because I KNOW the NAET procedure works for me as I was first introduced to the practice by a colleague of yours nearly 20 years ago, so there yo go: what a lot of time I wasted being seriously ill. I so vividly recall Spring of last year when was living in a haze from over-the-counter allergy medication, my nasal passage dried out from sodium..... You get the picture. It wasn't pretty, and I was certainly not myself. So, thank you for healing me, Dr. Ford. You are an angel. Anyone who dares tell me of an ailment that their doctor cannot seem to get on top of, I immediately tell them about you and the NAET procedure. The rest is up to them.

God Bless You!

Theresa Kerlin

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