When you identify a new goal or desire, what is the first thing that typically happens when you set out to achieve that goal?

Typically, the first thing that shows up are all the objections.
• You can't do that. 
• You don't know how to do that. 
• You've never done that before. 
• That's too hard. 
• You don't have the time. 
• You don't have the money. 
• You don't have the energy. 

Your subconscious mind has created this comfort zone around you and as soon as you consciously want to do something new or different, all those parts of you that dislike change start protesting and voicing their objections. 

You must take time to listen to the voices that are spouting off and address their concerns or they will stop you from achieving your goal before you even get started. The best way I have found to settle down the voices and their objections is to add three magic words to my goal or desire.

What are the three magic words you ask?
"I have found..."

Let's apply that to a weight loss goal.
Your goal is to lose 25 pounds.

The voices of objection that you hear.
• You don't know how to lose that much weight. 
• You've never lost that much weigh. 
• You don't have the energy to work out. 
• You don't have the time to work out. 
• You don't have the money to purchase healthier foods. 

Now, let's add the three magic words to all those objections.
• I have found a way to lose 25 pounds that matches my lifestyle. 
• I have found a way to lose the weight and keep it off this time. 
• I have found the time to work out that fits perfectly into my schedule. 
• I have found the energy to work out regularly. 
• I have found a way to make healthy food choices that fits into my budget. 

Can you feel how adding these three simple words quiets those voices down as if by magic? Can you feel how your resistance is instantly reduced? 

Using these three words sets up your subconscious mind to go out and find the way to achieve your goal. Try out these three words and notice how your resistance to achieving your goal is reduced so you can move forward easily.

Action Challenge 
1) Choose a goal you have noticed some resistance around achieving.
2) Write down the objections you hear from those voices inside yourself.
3) Re-write your objections and add these three words "I have found...".
4) If you still notice objections, play with the wording even more.

• I am ready to find a way... 
• I intend to find a way... 
• I have decided to find a way... 
• I am willing to find a way... 
• I have the ability to find a way... 
• I am smart enough to find a way... 

5) Keep track of the thoughts and ideas that come to you that will move you toward achieving your goals.
6) And last, but most important, take action.

You have the ability to find a way to achieve any goal that is important to you. Keep affirming "I have found a way to achieve success."

I have found a way to achieve my goals. 
I have found the time, energy and money to achieve success.
I have found the perfect path for me.

That is the Law of Attraction at work. As soon as you begin to declare what it is that you want, the barriers and oposition or resistance shows up. This is the beautiful part of the process - until you declare your intentions, you don't know exactly what the resistance is.

Once the resistance shows up, just as you have done, notice that the resistance feels bad and quickly shift your mindset to a better feeling, one of optimism and determination. The better you feel, the more you are in alignment with the essence of who you are. The trick is to keep finding ways to keep your energy moving upward until you are in alignment with what you want, then it must show up according to the Law of Attraction!

There is a great video called The Secret that is all about the Law of Attraction. You can watch the video on line or order the CD by going to www.whatisthesecret.TV. Just released on Mar 23.

Also a great book by Abraham Hicks people - The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent. There are lots of exercises to help you shift your energy to a higher vibration and some useful info on the Emotional Guidance System. 

Emotional Guidance System From Allowing to Resistance
1.   Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
2.   Passion
3.   Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4.   Positive Expectation/Belief
5.   Optimism
6.   Hopefulness
7.   Contentment
8.   Boredom
9.   Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Being Overwhelmed
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

When you feel “good” you are in alignment with what you want. 
When you feel “bad” you are not.

Once you have placed your order with the Universe, it is your job to keep your energy and thoughts focused on what you want, be grateful for what you have and that your request is being filled and then don’t pull the order with fear, self doubt and thoughts about not getting it! Feel your way into what you want! When you can feel it, see it, taste it and smell it and believe you can have it, it must show up!

Learn to reach for a better feeling. You can’t think your way from despair to joy but you can allow yourself to feel joy after despair.

If you are really stuck at the bottom, try:

Wouldn’t it be nice if….. and start writing until you feel your energy shift to a better feeling place.

Source: The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks


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